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We all had to go to school to learn the basics about reading, writing, arithmetic and hopefully, community. Very little, if anything, was taught about who you really are. More likely, you learned about how to fit in and behave like everyone else.

Spiritual teaching is something that offers a deeper view of your life. You literally learn how to listen to your soul’s voice and start following it.

Possibly, you have found this site because you feel lost and aimless, or maybe you are excited about something but you can’t put your finger on what’s coming or how to be in relation to some of your life’s urgings, you just know that you are shifting. Working with a soul teacher isn’t so much about learning things you don’t know already, but learning to listen to your own knowing and act on it.

For many, this avenue of education isn’t sought after, but maybe it’s incredibly important to you and you don’t know who to turn to for this unusual education. Because we are taught to turn off our inner voice, while we  listen only to the noise in our heads… working at the level of the soul is strange and wonderful – and not for everyone.

Seems that my particular gift is to decipher your inner voice and shed light on the darkness or discomfort you are feeling. You can then move past the limits you have and create a life that is authentic and genuine. One that expands and grows. You learn how to follow your soul, rather then all the noise in your head that’s keeping you anchored to unfulfilling & negative experiences…

This work is only on an “as needed” basis. Before the first session is booked, I must have a short interview with you to insure that my frequency isn’t too much for you. If it’s not a good time to work with me, I refer you to a few other practitioners who would be better fit for you.


Working at the level of your soul for a few months can bring tremendous value to your life. Choosing to step out of the patterns you are stuck in, while making a commitment to a new life and going out and living it is remarkable. Repetition brings things into your body and mind, so there is tremendous value when you decide you will take the time and energy to learn how to serve the truth of your being. My work with clients of this nature is awesome, fun and a little intense. My promise is to support and teach how to create significant changes in you, your life and your results. Your methods of being, especially the behaviors that no longer work for you will dissipate and/or transform.

The structure is:

Every month you receive 3 – 1 hour long sessions (at least that long) and unlimited email contact throughout the time you work with me. You will set monthly goals, but more importantly you will define what it is that is really important to you. You will know what makes your heart sing and pursue a life where doing that becomes your focus. Depending on what you want to work on (love, health and finances are the 3 big ones), what occurs is an overall shift that touches on all aspects of your life. If you are interested in this avenue, please email me at and we can set up a call to “interview” each other!!

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