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Services – Overview

Soul Work

One Time Soul Sessions are the life blood of my work. These are stand alone sessions where you learn what your soul is telling you and why, or what is blocking you and your joyful progress. These sessions can rarely be complete in less than 30 minutes, but I set aside a good deal of time for you to relax and allow for what is needed to emerge. Generally, you only need one session and any follow up is at your discretion.

Not everyone is able to have these sessions, so we must have a brief interview prior to scheduling a session to insure that your frequency works with mine.


Click here to schedule a free interview with me.

Monthly Session Work

Working at the level of your soul for a few months, can bring tremendous value to your life. There’s something about really choosing to step out of the patterns you are stuck in, making a commitment to a new life and going out and living it. Repetition brings things into your body and mind, so there is tremendous value when you decide you will take the time and energy to learn how to serve the truth of your being. My work with clients of this nature is awesome, fun and a little intense. My promise is to support and teach how to create significant changes in you, your life and your results.

Your methods of being, especially the behaviors that no longer work for you will dissipate and/or transform.

The structure is:

Every month you receive 3-hour long sessions (at least that long) and unlimited email contact throughout the time you work with me. You will set monthly goals, but more importantly you will define what it is that is really important to you and I am daily focused on your success, along with you. You will know what makes your heart sing and pursue a life where doing that becomes your focus. Depending on what you want to work on (love, health and finances are the 3 big ones), what occurs is an overall shift that touches on all aspects of your life.

If you are interested in this avenue, please email me at We will set up a call to “interview” each other!!


Because people have all different needs, I offer a number of ways to receive a reading, or at least a report…

For more information on my astrology offerings, click here!


To me, this is just some truly powerful, insightful fun.

My years of searching for methods to express a deeper current started with the Motherpeace Tarot, created by Vicki Nobel and Karen Vogel in 1979.

For more information on Tarot services, please click here!

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