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Remember the 2008 economic crash in the U.S?

At that time, all my professional advisors; lawyers, accountants and therapists had told me to stop paying all my bills, and just hunker down for several years! The bank would eventually evict me, but I could bring a small income from tenants while I camped out in my car. Forget that I was in my late 40’s, previously successful and still had a teenager to tend!

All that “expert” advice didn’t feel 100% correct, so I asked for deeper guidance as I drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I “heard” a 6-digit number and wrote it down. A few hours later I realized the number I’d received, was the price to sell my house for.

Even though that long number was $100,000 over the market value for my home, I knew it was time to live with faith… I listed the house and within two weeks, a woman put an offer in for the whole amount in cash AND wrote a check for the water bill that was hanging on the doorknob!

The sale of my beloved home happened only ten day later and miraculously, I became essentially debt free!

It was a difficult time, yet it forced me into a growth cycle and fostered the discovery of unique abilities I possess; just how powerful faith truly is & the ability to hear and translate your soul’s urging to you.

What if the missing link of understanding was just below levels of conscious awareness … and it was right here?

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