In the 30+ years I’ve been studying and interpreting people’s astrological charts, I’ve found that although it appears to be “psychic” it’s not even close. To me, it offers a very clear view of the basic qualities an individual can have, based on where all the planets were in the sky at the moment of birth. Rather than being psychic, in this work I am simply interpreting an elaborate mathematical equation that’s played out over a vast expanse of space.

Given that, what’s great about an astrology session is how matter of fact it is and how easily it helps my clients with how to approach what they are feeling with more clarity and confidence… At least that is my goal.

In essence and much like physical science, astrology analyzes the interaction between physicality (or matter) and vibration or energy.

Because people have all different needs, I offer a number of ways to receive a reading, or at least a report.

If you want to schedule a session or order a report, please email me!

Breakdown of Astrological services…

  1. Complete report, computer generated and quite excellent, although it is just a computer – so a bit generic.
      • $45.00 includes, full report for natal birth chart, or current transits
      • $55.00 for relationship chart, which includes both partner’s birth chart and the nature of the relationship.
      • Also I will be available for 2 email questions at no charge.
  2. Complete report, natal and transit – My interpretation is recorded and sent digitally to you.
      • $175.00 for recording and all charts that are drawn up, with notes and dates included for your review and reference. 2 email questions before session that tell me what you want to focus on, 2 email questions after the session, also for no charge.
  3. Complete report; Natal & Transit – phone interpretation with you in real time.
      • $250.00 includes 1.5 + hour session, recorded session delivered to your email, with charts. 2 email questions after session for no charge.
  4. Complete report: Natal & Transit – in person session with me at your home, or office.
      • $400 includes 1.5+ hour session, recorded session delivered to your email. Charts given to you, in person… (depending on distance and if I am not already heading in that direction, there may be mileage cost.)

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