About Kyle

My abilities as a teacher and healer were cultivated in many ways; including meditation, personal research, training with remarkable teachers, mothering and marriage. The focus in my work is to add great value to the lives of my clients and students as well as the world I live in. The ultimate result of my years of study, practical application and meditation has been that I can hear others’ soul and translate it back. The result is efficient and offers rapid and positive changes for my students & clients.

Over the years, I have been able to assist hundreds of people create more peace and joy, abundance and success in their lives – teaching everyone I work with how to become 100% accountable and accept the value of serving the truth of their being. Through their work with me, my clients become more engaged in not only their own lives, but in their family’s & the community at large.

I offer classes, private consultations, trainings and workshops where I teach people how to live full, passionate and purposeful lives.

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