Soul Work - One Time Session

Find out EXACTLY what your soul is telling you and, consequently solve any problem. If that sounds good to you…

Soul Work - Monthly Sessions

Learn how to trust your inner wisdom and change your life completely through intense and consistent support on a monthly basis…


In essence and much like physical science, astrology analyzes the interaction between physicality (or matter) and vibration or energy.


Explore the game of knowing how to be better, feel better and experience true goddess play. At times just fun, but definitely an avenue into more awareness…

Empowering for Women

 Inspiring the Amazon Within is a course for women only… to Empower, Enlighten & Create more in her world!

Abundance Work

Abundance work – not just financial abundance, but on all levels!


Health body. Healthy mind. Healthy spirit. Products to help you achieve all of this!!


Come in to receive a list of powerful affirmations to support your growth and expansion…

Wow… words are not expressive enough to comment on life right now. It’s not like last year was completely “normal” (much less the 80’s), but pre-2020 is shaping up to be one hell of a defining time!! We have both the vastly dark and the brightest lights in the Universe showing up for the show (or is it an actual FIGHT??) of our eternal lifetimes right now!!

For almost a decade have only been working 1:1 with a few students, perfecting my own life and writing TONS. Late in 2016, my dreams became both VIVID and intense. It’s evident that our lives and our world are in a HUGE transition; humans are transforming into a whole new level of power… Just the other day, when I was walking the vast fields here in my world, I felt an urgency like I haven’t felt in a long time to put it out to the world that I am here to help, using a hidden gift I was given.

Over several decades I have worked with hundreds of people all over the globe to help them create amazing lives, new businesses, happy children, empowering possibilities… Most of my former clients and students are still progressing and growing, without me there holding their hand because I’m not the answer. I am just a guide post & supportive being directing you towards your deepest wisdom. Your soul.

If you’re in a body, have a pulse and want to be your whole, amazing self, we can do it together

Regardless of how you got here, something triggered you enough to visit and I am interested to know what’s up in your life, what you want to shift and what your desires for growth include.

My particular gifts include your basic astrological, intuitive, psychic stuff… but most importantly, I can hear your soul. Yup. (A totally weird thing, but I can do that!)…

What makes each of us remarkable is not WHAT WE KNOW, but WHO WE ARE. Most people are dead asleep to their brilliance and are simply wandering – willy nilly – through life, without a plan or often a good reason to be better.

Wind and Wing is a metaphor for allowing the wind to carry you on the wings you were born with – cultivating faith, gratitude and awareness…  and then living with abundance.

Not knowing the fullness of your being feels like having an idea or a sense that there’s more to life, but you can’t connect with what’s missing… OR you feel completely powerless and at the same time YOU KNOW there’s a way through, but just can’t figure it out.

In other words, you KNOW there’s much more to you, but are eddying around in life and feel clueless about how to activate your whole self. This is where I am skilled and will help.

Everyone has the ability to go beyond their perceived limits! It simply takes a just a peek through that window into your amazing abilities, your universal Wow-ness and Poof!! Things start moving – and quickly!

All of us benefit by learning new things and help with the all important direction of your soul, is recommended for some. 

The soul is where all of us have our greatest power and our deepest knowing. It is in all of us, but generally under the thumb of the conscious mind. This is where limits are applied and why you feel stuck. When things hurt or challenge you, your personality insists on you playing it safe. Your soul – if you learn how to listen – tells you EXACTLY how to go beyond those limits.

This is my gift. To teach you about the ability to access your soul and fly.


Rather than being psychic, in this work I am simply interpreting an elaborate mathematical equation that’s played out over a vast expanse of space.


To me, this is just some truly powerful, insightful fun. My years of searching for methods to express a deeper current started with the Motherpeace Tarot.


Spiritual teaching is something that offers a deeper view of your life. You literally learn how to listen to your soul’s voice and start following it.

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